Wright Brothers National Memorial

The Wright Brothers National Memorial is a Must-See Attraction

For aviation and history lovers, the Wright Brothers National Memorial is a must visit. And it’s only a 5-6 minute drive from our Outer banks beach house rental!

Wright Brother's National Memorial - North Carolina

The Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, were pioneers of the aviation industry. Inventors and builders of the world’s first airplane. This impressive 60ft granite monument celebrates the brothers’ first flights over Kill Devil Hills; the location they deemed offered the ideal conditions for testing their gliders. The memorial also marks the entrance to the national park and a handful of museums that celebrate a century of aviation.

This is a fantastic afternoon exploring the history of flight from the iconic first gliders over the Outer Banks sand dunes, to the future advancements of NASA. Then enjoy the beautiful national park and manicured gardens, which display markers depicting where those first flights took off and landed.

Wright Brothers Visitor Center Renovation

The Visitor Center is temporarily closed to the late summer/fall of 2018 for a renovation project. The renovation is happening to allow for improvements to infrastructure and the addition of new interactive exhibits. The grounds remain open and information and bookstore services will be available in a temporary facility near the parking lot. Plan to spend your time while visiting the park primarily outdoors. The grounds at Wright Brothers National Memorial are open from 9:00 am- 5:00 pm.

Check out The Centennial of Flight Museum Too

The Centennial of Flight museum, located right by the original visitors’ center, is a museum that honors the 100 year celebration, a century of flight (2003). This museum has a number of exhibits including the Wright plane replicas, and a series of exhibits donated and maintained by NASA. There is much do do in the 428 ace park, which features aviation relics and futuristic aviation pieces.

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