Our aim is to ensure you have a relaxing and happy holiday at Dragonfly Dunes. We have added comforts and extra touches, that we hope will make your holiday extra special.

We’ve compiled a list of FAQs, so you know what to expect during your vacation. But don’t hesitate to also get in touch if you have any needs or questions during your stay.

Thank you, Lisa and George


Check outCheck-out time is set in stone.  The cleaning people have to hit several houses in only a small window of time.  Due to traffic, they ask that you be out by 10:00 so that they can do their job at our house and others.  Their terms are in the agreement.  They will charge $50 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour.  This will be back-charged to you.
Trash pickupTrash toters must be placed within 4 feet of the edge of the street on the EVENING PRIOR to the scheduled collection days and must be removed by midnight the day of collection.  Collection days are Monday and Thursday and are on the toter.

Please use liners in all trashcans.
GrillPlease pull the grill away from the house 3 feet prior to grilling but do not remove grill from deck.  Please make sure that the gas and grill are turned off after grilling and re-check prior to checkout.  Empty grease after grilling but NOT DOWN THE SINK!  If you use the grill, it must be cleaned before you leave.
Septic systemThe cottage is on a septic system so please do not flush anything except for toilet paper down the toilets.  Your help with keeping drains free of grease and food is appreciated.  
Irrigation systemThe cottage has an irrigation system for the grass that comes on from 3:00-6:30 AM every day. Please do not change these settings. Do not park in the yard!

Never dispose of cigarette butts anywhere other than ashtrays! You should also roll up your car windows, as we will not be responsible for water damage from the sprinklers.
Checkout daysCottage must be broom-cleaned, meaning:
Replace trash bags in cans
Make beds, put away any blankets, sweep up excess sand immediately
Remove anything from under the beds
Empty trashcans and dispose of all trash to outside trash toter
Close blinds and curtains
Turn off all appliances
Make sure grill is off and gas is off at tank
Lock doors and put wooden bar in track of back sliding door
Turn outside hose off.  You will be responsible for any water damage!
Lock up chairs and bikes and lock downstairs room
Please...Do not pick at the front porch railing.         
Do not climb the slats under the house.
SmokingIf you must smoke, please do so outside and do not throw the butts in the yard.  We have provided a flower pot with sand and ashtrays for this purpose.  The yard is professionally maintained and any extra charges for removal of cigarette butts will be deducted from your deposit.
Bathing essentialsWe have provided shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, razors and lotion in the outside shower.  Please take advantage of the free supplies and use the outside shower when coming off of the beach. This keeps sand out of the drains, which keeps costs down which keeps rates down.
Avoiding injuryPlease do not sit on the porch wall.  A tumble will most definitely mean injury.  Consider yourselves warned. DO NOT PICK AT THE FRONT PORCH WALL!
Linens & towelsPlease do not take cottage linens (blankets, comforters, etc.) to the beach or outside.

If a throw rug gets soiled, please spot clean or throw them in the washer.
Water conservationPlease, please, please make sure that all water is off, including the outside hose.  Also, make sure that there are no running toilets.  Water is a precious resource in the Outer Banks so please do your part and be diligent about conservation.
Vegetable patchFeel free to use any vegetables in the back yard and any condiments in the fridge, or staples in the cabinet, unless that gives you the willies.  We have provided a season starter of condiments, paper goods, baggies, cleaners. etc.  You are welcomed to use them but if you use something up, please replace it.  This is a convenience to our guests and if we come down and everything is gone, this could become a convenience of the past, like the impersonal cottages on the beach.
SeashellsPlease do not remove the seashells from the cottage.  You can get some really good ones if you go to Hatteras Point at low tide, especially after a storm.  That’s where we got ours.  They also sell them at Wings!
Games & puzzlesPlease return all pieces and cards to the proper game and/or puzzle box.  Ask your kids to this, too.  
Be respectfulPlease do not let children or anyone else jump on the beds.

All that we ask is that you treat the cottage with respect and leave it as good or better than you found it.  If you get there and it is unacceptable, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will make every effort to make your stay enjoyable.
EmergenciesWe have friends that live on the street that can be dispatched if you have an emergency.  

Important Telephone Numbers

Police Non-Emergency:   252/473-3444

Dominion Power:   866/366-4357

Charter Cable:   888/438-2427 Security code 3130

Public Works:   252/480-4080

Owners (George & Lisa Hockman):   540/207-5499